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Единый информационный центр поликлиник и стационара

+7 (3452) 46-32-91

Приемное отделение стационара
г. Тюмень, ул. Юрия Семовских, 8/1

+7 (3452) 58-09-59
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Robotic surgery
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For maximum comfort and efficiency of solving of medical problems of our patients, we have updated all branches of the clinic, equipped them with the most modern equipment and have mastered the world's leading technology. 

Based on 50 years of successful professional practice Medical Hospital  Neftyannik has become a brand of high-quality surgery.   Our technologies occupy are the leaders in the field of minimally invasive surgery.

One of the main advantages for medical tourists from other regions of Russia or other countries - is the possibility of surgical treatment of cancer with the help of a robotic system Da Vinci SI.  The robot-surgeon of the last generation - is the only one in the region, it allows the removal of tumors without damaging the surrounding tissue and minimize postoperative rehabilitation.

The robotic system allows:  to excise the affected organ without damaging the surrounding tissues, reduce the time of recovery and pain syndrome, preserve erectile and urethral function.

We invited the best Russian specialist with years of experience of successful robotic operations to control the robot.

Robotic surgery operations are performed by the Doctor of Medical Science, Professor Alexander Zyryanov. He has the experience of the robot -assisted operations of more than 8 years.
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Cтационар, ул. Юрия Семовских, д. 8, строение 1,

по будням с 8 до 20.00

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